"Forever Young"

Teen Portraits

I believe this is such a wonderful time of your life and I want to show every teenager they are unique in their own special way. I know at times it's a tough road out there for teens, I know that confidence can be a big issue at this time of your life, I also know that there is a false perception of what we should be – my goal is to change that.

I want to showcase the real teen, the modern teen, today's teen!

Teen portraits do just that, capturing you in that moment of youth, freezing that moment forever...showing you what the world sees in you.



What to expect...


Here is where you confirm your booking by paying your session fee, which includes your mini makeover [for the girls!]

Now is the time to start thinking about how you would like to be photographed! How you would like your hair and makeup, what to wear... accessories... I am here to help you decide all of this and answer any questions you may have about your photo shoot.


On the day we will meet at the agreed time and location and get started making memories! This should be a fun and special event and will result in keepsakes for the rest of your life. I understand how important your investment is and I ensure that we will make the most of our time together. Before your shoot, I have a professional hair and makeup artist come to work with you to create the look you want. After this, your shoot will take around 1 - 1.5 hours, with up to 3 outfit changes should you wish. The girls I have photographed are everyday teens like you, I will guide you with poses and expressions and help you feel comfortable.


There is no obligation to buy. My investment packages give you the freedom to choose how many images you would like, framed gallery walls, or purchase individual prints. 

Everything purchased comes with the matching digital file.

I will upload a private gallery available for 7 days for you to browse your images and choose your favourites. I am just an email or phone call away to answer any questions you may have regarding your images.

I understand that everyone has different budgets, therefore I have the option of paying in instalments – this is something we can chat about and arrange to suit. You will have the confidence and piece of mind knowing exactly what you are purchasing.




GIRLS $190


GUYS $100

Image collections

I offer the flexibility of purchasing individual prints or the entire collection.

Individual 11x14 inch matted prints are $180 each and you will receive the matching digital image.

The entire collection of digital images can be purchased for $750

With this, you will also receive your favourite 3 images as a matted 11x14 inch print all ready for you to select your favourite frame to pop them in.

Once payment is received these will be available to download via your client gallery and I will prepare your matted prints and get them in the post to you.

Once you have purchased your images I will create a shopping cart for your gallery where you can purchase top-quality prints at wholesale price - I do recommend if you are going to purchase prints and frames for your wall this is the place to do it as you will be getting the best quality.

Payment plans are avaliable - please as for this option.

Imagine having that confidence where you believe in yourself, that is exactly what a Teen experience will offer. Through your photos I will help build self-esteem, confidence and self-worth, creating a positive experience that will be treasured forever as part of your life story.

Every teen has a story... Every teen has their own unique personality... Every teen is worth it.


What people are saying


This is the best way to describe our experience with Stacey!! It was more inviting than what Shanice had ever expected, Shanice was apprehensive about getting her photos taken as her self confidence is not great. From the moment we arrived Stacey was relaxed, inviting and very professional! The photos that Stacey captured of Shanice left me speechless as she had brought out a confidence in Shanice that was priceless!! At the end of the day Shanice made several comments about how the day was not what she expected…..but so much more as it was a lot of fun and that Stacey was such a lovely person, so easy to listen to, and that she loved how Stacey gave her lots of advice and direction for the poses! I highly recommend this awesome experience to other teen girls out there that want to see aside of themselves they didn’t know they had!!

Thanks Stacey!! xx

Nellie Kemp & Shanice Croft-Kemp



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This month we have Mystique Whitehead as our feature teen!

After Mystique had her hair and make up with Kasey George MUA we adventured out to Wellingtons Bay, Tutukaka, Whangarei with her horse Gunna! 

This was Gunna's first trip to the beach and he loved it so much they took a dip in the water...

Here are a few photos from our Forever Young Teen Photoshoot






Being a horsey person myself I was excited to learn a bit more about Mystique and her horses and life in general!

[me] How long have you been riding for and what made you get into it?

[Mystique] I have been around horses for most of my life but got my first horse and started riding at 9, I am 14 now. It was probably my two older sisters who got me into it. Eventually sitting on the fence,watching them ride got boring, I decided I wanted my own horse!

[me] What’s your fav event/activity with your horse?

[Mystique] I really enjoy show jumping and cross country!

[me] How many horses have you owned and what were their names?

[Mystique] I have owned 6 horses (with a foal on the way) including the two I have now. Their names were Azora, Shafey, Anouk, WIllow, Lacey and Gunna.

[me] What do you do for fun apart from riding?

[Mystique] Anything outdoorsy really, like hunting, fishing, and camping with friends. Also, I love to ride my dirtbike!

[me] What are your 3 values in life?

[Mystique] Speak with honesty...Think with sincerity...Act with integrity.

[me] Who are your role models?

[Mystique] My eldest sister, Bonita and my Mum.

[me] What do you want to be when you grow up?

[Mystique] I'm not too sure at the moment but would love to do something alongside horses.



Recently I started a gratitude challenge with Tracy Manu from Blossom it has been amazing and I have seen so many positive changes in my own life just by something as simple as actively practicing gratitude everyday! 


I caught up with Tracy and she put together this 7 day happiness challenge for you! 

Did you know that when we add activities into our life that make us happy, we become better problem solvers? It’s also been proven that we can fight off colds faster, we’re more optimistic and we can cope with stress better too.

This doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. We’ve been given an array of emotions to experience for a reason. You could look at your emotions like a GPS. They tell you when you’re heading in the right direction and when something not quite right.

The 7-Day Happiness Challenge is a great way to see the benefits of adding joyful activities to your life.

Give it a go!

Day 1.

Write what happiness means to you?

Is it listening to your favourite music, riding your horse, being with friends, writing in a journal, or maybe its quality time with your Dad? Choose one of the activities and make time to add it to your life today.

Day 2.

How could you bring happiness into your life today?

Change things up! Do something that’s different from your usual habits. Get creative.

Day 3.

Notice how you’re feeling throughout the day. If you’re stressed, grumpy or unmotivated, take the time to acknowledge your feelings and then ask yourself, what could I do today that will make me feel better?

If you’re sad, happiness may look like a big hug from someone special, quality time with a good friend or your mum. If you’re feeling angry your happiness may look like physical activities, maybe a swim or swinging as high as you can on a swing at the park.

Day 4.

You get to choose how you feel throughout your day. How would you love to feel today?

Set an intention that states how you wish to feel. Eg Today I choose to feel happy and motivated. Check in with yourself throughout the day and make an effort to create your reality.

Day 5.

Happiness is contagious! Make someone else happy today and notice how it makes you feel.

Think of others and ways you can add happiness to your life and add them to your list.

Day 6.

What have you noticed so far?

Are you happier?

How are you feeling?

What is unfolding?

Do something that brings a smile to your face

Day 7.

Its time to jump outside your comfort zone!

What would you love to try, that will make you happier?

If you’ve been afraid in the past, remember this: Fear can be a liar and often the thought of trying something new, is scarier than actually doing it.

Be brave and take action, you can do it!


What did you notice during the week? How are you feeling?

By adding moments of happiness to your life, your life will keep getting better and better.

How did you go?

I would LOVE to know how you went after your week of happiness and I would LOVE to share your experience! If you would like to see your 7 days of happiness on the blogazine please send them through to me via my contact page! All emails remain confidential.



Yay get ready for summer and that hot hot sun!

Sunscreen is a really important part of protecting our skin...lets make sure that what we are putting on to protect our skin is also safe for our skin...

Dawn from Dirty Hippie makes her own totally natural organic skincare and hair care products and they are the best I have come across!

I managed to get her to do a little write up about SUNSCREEN and SUN safety.

Oh these randomly dotted around sunny days have been amazing haven’t they?? No doubt you are hearing slip, slop, slap messages left right and centre. But have you stopped to wonder what you may be covering your body in? And what it could be doing to your body?

We all need Vitamin D, which we get from the sun but we do need to be very careful as our Sun is so strong here! It’s good to get outside in the Sun for short bursts exposing our skin as much as possible. Say 15 min max of unprotected sun exposure.

Personally we try to get out in the sun a bit as soon as it starts to warm up, to build up a very gradual base tan. Of course being very sensible about sun exposure and if we will be in the sun longer than 15 minutes then we use Sunscreen. We are very careful about what we put on our skin, and especially our childrens with their little developing bodies. The skin is our largest organ and we absorb everything we put on it.

So let’s take a look at what is contained in most off-the-shelf Sunscreens: Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Octinoxate are just a few common ingredients. Generally they will be mixed up with some other pretty awfully long lists of nasty things. Some of these ingredients function to push other ingredients further into the skin, some of them accumulate in our bodies faster than we can get rid of it. Many of them are hormone disrupters. Some can cause eczema-like allergic reactions that can spread beyond the applied area and last long after you are out of the sun. Octinoxate for example - the chemical's effects on estrogen can be harmful for humans and wildlife, too, should they come into contact with the chemical once it gets into water. Though SPF products are designed to protect skin from sun-induced aging, octinoxate may actually be a culprit for premature aging, as it produces menacing free radicals that can damage skin and cells.

The best safe sunscreen is one with non- nano Zinc Oxide and nothing nasty added to it.

Take a look at our Sunscreen Ingredients: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E. Active Ingredient: non-nano Zinc Oxide powder.

That’s it, no nasty chemicals pushing anything into your body. The ingredients are lovely and nourishing and will help moisturise and treat your skin. The Zinc Oxide will sit on the top of your skin to protect it from the suns rays. Yes, you do get a bit of a white look from Zinc based sunscreens as that is how they work, some make you whiter than others, it is important not to rub them in too much and for those with very fair skin be extra vigilant about getting a good coverage and re-applying often.

You can get our sunscreen at www.dirtyhippie.co.nz - it comes in 3 versions, just sunscreen, a bug repellent version and an extra-sensitive version which contains no coconut oil for those that react.

There are other natural sunscreens you can buy too, you may have to look a bit harder the find them compared to the chemical ones but they are around, it’s becoming more widely-known how bad it is to put these awful chemicals on our skin’s and into our bodies and we all need to help spread that word. Have a wonderful sun-safe summer!





If you would like to get your hands on a free sample of this amazing sunscreen, pop me a message!

I have a total of 10 to give away!

First in first served!



Kasey George MUA has been my go Make Up Artist for my Teen Photoshoots

I love the natural look she gives the girls and how she really listens to what they want, and making sure Mum is happy too! 

This sets the scene for the whole Forever Young Teen Photoshoot Experience.

When Kasey was applying Mystique's Make Up I took photos so Kasey can give you some step by step instructions!

Starting with a fresh, exfoliated, cleansed face is an essential part of the makeup application process; it helps the makeup glide on seamlessly and creates a flawless application.


After moisturizer, primer and foundation are applied, concealer -2 shades lighter than your skin tone is applied under the eyes to conceal dark circles also highlighting the area leaving a soft glow. Foundation and concealer is then set using pressed or loose powder


Bronzer is applied to the cheek bones and the perimeter of the face to create dimension & a sun kissed glow. Blush is swept across the apples of your cheek to add a pop of colour back to the face.


For the eyes I chose warm tones of browns to contour the eyelid and champagne shimmer to highlight the inner corner, this really made her blue eyes POP


After Applying mascara, brow powder was added to the brows to sharpen the edges & to bridge any gaps, only applying a small amount of product to the inner brow. Brow gel was used to set the brow hairs in place.



Finished with a pretty natural nude lipstick. When choosing a perfect nude colour-choose a shade that’s slightly brighter or deeper than your skin tone.


The finished look.




Thank you for reading

I will be taking a break for January 2017 with the Blogazine and enjoying a break with my family

Please feel free to leave a comment or pop me a message 

I love hearing from anyone that may like to contribute to the Blogazine of if you have any topics you would like covered.

Remember to get some free samples of the sunscreen from Dirty Hippie let me know.

Also for thoes that take up the gratitude challenge I would love to hear from you to see how you go.

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Last week I photographed Ashlyn, who is one of my teen reps for Forever Young, her twin sister Tynele joined in on the photoshoot.

Make up by Kasey George Makeup Artist and hair by JLS Hair Deisign.

Here are a few of my fav's from the shoot.





Ashlyn is a Contemporary dancer, earlier on in the year I got to photograph her showcasing this amazing talent! I also managed to ask Ash a few questions;

[me] How long have you been dancing for?

[Ash] 14 years!

[me] How did you get into dance?

[Ash] A ballet class was my 5th birthday present! Ever since then I have loved it!

[me] What does dance mean to you?

[Ash] To me it is a means to escape and express.

[me] What would you recommend to someone wanting to get into dance?

[Ash] Make sure you find the right dance school for you, not just the one every one else is going to, because each school teachers are different.

[me] What are your top 5 values in life?

[Ash] Laugh as much as possible... Always be kind to people you meet... Dream without fear, love without limits [as my tattoo says]... Family first... Never regret anything that made you happy!

Ashlyn has been selected to attend Dynamite Studios Academy in Australia in 2017! I am sure she will do amazing and I wish her all the best!





Keeping fit and healthy can be a bit confusing these days with everything thats out there, I spoke to Miranda from Activ8 and here is what she had to say:

Looking back to my high school years there are a few key things that I would do differently when it comes to health and exercise, and there are some things I would keep the same. So I thought it would be beneficial to pass my top tips on to you.

There are so many fad diets, ways to eat and ways to exercise that we get confused on what is best for us. We are all different and need to look after ourselves in different ways, so we can’t do a one-for-all approach when it comes to exercise and nutrition. The advice I got when at highschool was often from friends, and completely different to what I now believe in and have studied. So I have condensed these down to my top tips.

Miranda's top teen exercise tips:

1. Enjoy your exercise:
You are going to be more motivated to stick to an exercise programme if you enjoy what you are doing. Life is too short to do unpleasant exercise! Eg. walking with friends, playing a sport, outdoor group exercise, swimming and dancing, bike riding are all fun activities. My advice: look at what interests you the most and do that.

2. Exercise for health and wellness:
Your health is such a valuable asset and the younger you start looking after yourself and your body the healthier you will look and feel now and into your later life. When you increase energy levels, gain confidence and decrease toxins in your body you will then start to not only feel amazing but look amazing too.

3. Invest in an individual programme for your goals and take advice from professionals:
A qualified Personal Trainer or your PE teacher is recommended.......not Dr. Google or your best friend. Doing the correct REPS (how many times you do the exercise in a row) and SETS (how many times you repeat the reps), as well as correct technique; will give you lifelong knowledge in how to do some beneficial exercises.

4. Train your whole body:
By using your largest muscles in your body you are going to be burning more fat and increasing your metabolism more compared to just working on one small group of muscles. Squats, Lunges, Press Ups and Burpees are great for full body toning. (Don’t fall into the trap of doing 100 sit ups to tone your stomach!)

5. Increase everyday movement as well as planned exercise:
Walk or bike to school rather then the bus, go outside and be active after school rather then watching T.V. Plan some exercise sessions in your week: Cardio-increase fitness and your heart health; Resistance- increase toning, burning fat, increasing bone density and supporting joints; Flexibility is great for decreasing stress, increasing mobility and being mindful. How many times of all these you do per week is individual to your goals.

6. Eat. Real. Food:
Beauty starts from the inside out. Cut out sugar and processed foods and eat lots of fresh fruit, green veges, nuts, seeds, dairy and meat. Don’t count calories but instead try and get veges in with every meal- the more nutrients and minerals you can have per meal, the better you are going to feel. (Your health professional should be able to advice you on this)

7. Think Positive and don’t compare:
Start your day by being thankful for what you DO have rather then what you DON’T have. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself positive affirmations rather then negative. And don’t compare yourself to others- we all live different lives and the happier you can be in your own skin the better life you are going to be able to live.

8. Exercise with friends:
Find like-minded friends who want to stick to an exercise routine and support each-other. It is much more fun doing exercise with others.

9. Correct technique is more important than lifting heavy weights:
Technique, speed, power, reps and sets all impact on your goals and muscle. Lifting heavy weights will do you more harm than good. Find out the correct technique if doing a programme in order to get the best results possible

10. Energy, confidence and happiness can come from living a healthy life:
Focus on thinking positive, getting into a healthy exercise and eating routine, increasing energy levels and not only your looks and confidence will increase but your overall wellness will thank-you for it.

Activ8 Northland run a Teen bootcamp 4pm every Tuesday and Friday,for ages between 12-16 years. The sessions focus on increasing co-ordination, agility, speed, social cohesion, confidence and overall strengthening. For more information please contact Miranda on Miranda@activ8nz.co.nz or call us on 0508 228 488. Follow us on Facebook for more deals and info.




SAVING FACE with Kate from Ora Wellness – Natural Skin care solutions, without the side effects.

It’s hard not to notice the hormonal changes that happen in our teenage years, especially when they show up on our faces in the form of skin problems, such as acne. Often teenagers are given prescription medications or turn to supermarket solutions as ‘easy’ assistance.

However, the problem with these solutions its that they often create their own set of problems in terms of one or more side-effects, which in turn need their own solution. And when it comes to pre-made skin-care, we can often be tricked into thinking something is far more natural than it is, due to packaging and/or marketing.

Most teenage skin problems are due to surges of natural hormones in the body as well as the consumption of processed foods and refined sugar (which can sometimes be harder to manage).

But what if there was a natural solution that was able to calm and nourish our skin, be completely natural AND you’d know exactly what was in the product as well?


Using specific essential oils, and a handful of other natural products such as witchhazel, cocoa butter and apple cider vinegar, you can create your own personalised and packaged skin care line!

My top 5 Teenage Skin Essential Oils are;

  1. Clary Sage – balances hormones and calms anxiety

  2. Tea Tree/Melaleuca – cleanses, antifungal, antimicrobial

  3. Lavender – soothes and protects

  4. Juniper Berry – toner, antibacterial

  5. Frankincense – anti-inflammatory, supports cellular health.

My favourite skin-friendly carrier oils are;

  1. Jojoba – most close in composition to our own natural sebum.

  2. Pomegranate Seed Oil – deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich

  3. Coconut oil – deeply hydrating, nutrient-rich and antibacterial

Research the essential oils that you are using (I choose only to use d?TERRA essential oils) and always try to use unrefined, organic ingredients where possible to maintain natural, therapeutic properties. It is also important to store your skincare in glass or stainless steel in order to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.


Gentle Exfoliating Facewash:

Combine 1 cup of warmed (melted but not HOT) coconut oil with 1 Tbsp Baking Soda 5 drops Lavender and 10 drops tea tree essential oils and mix well. Pour into a glass jar to set. Use as required.

Invigorating Golden Masque:(makes enough for 2, so halve if only making for yourself)

Add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil to 1/8 cup of warm water in a glass or porcelain bowl. Add one TBSP Gelatin and blend well before stirring in 1 drop Frankincense EO. Add half a tsp of ground turmeric and stir until well combined. Apply to T-zone (the nose/cheek area) or you may apply to the entire face and neck area. Allow it to dry, then gently peel it off. Rinse with warm water.

Hydrating Juniper Berry & Tea Tree Toner:

In a small jug, combine 4TBSP Rosewater, 2TBSP Witch Hazel, 1tsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 5-10 drops Rosehip oil, 5 drops each Juniper Berry and Tea Tree oils. Whisk together and pour into a 100ml glass bottle spray-top bottle. Spray onto to cleansed skin.

Clary Sage and Lavender Skin Serum:

Pour 45 ml each of Jojoba oil and Pomegranate seed oil (or your carrier of choice) into a 100ml glass pump-top bottle. Add 10 drops each Clary Sage and Lavender oils. Use as a serum after cleaning and toning.

Velveteen Body Butter:

Melt ½ a cup each of Shea & Cacao Butter, Jojoba and Coconut oils together in a pyrex jug over a saucepan of simmering water. Once fully melted, place in fridge to cool for an hour or until nearly solid. Add 30 drops total of your choice of oils (I love 10 drops each ofLavender, Frankincense and Clary Sage) and whip the butter ‘til light and fluffy. Store in a glass jar in a cool place. Use as an all over moisturizer.


Kate is a book of knowledge when it comes to essential oils. For more information on essential oils please visit Kate's website www.orawellness.co.nz or Facebook @oraessentials 




noun: dream-catcher
       a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh decorated with feathers and beads, believed by American Indians to give its owner good dreams.
Dream catchers are pretty cool and there are so many ways to be creative with making them, and best of all you dont need to spend alot of $$ and with christmas just around the corner they will make great gifts!
We followed this really simple online tutorial as well as added our own flavor! 
We visited the beach to gather up some goodies...drift wood...shells with holes in them...and Hospice/op shops are good for finding ribbons and doilys...and Arthers Emporium have some hoops that do the trick!


And here are a few of our end products! For more inpiration visit Pinterest


That brings us the the end of the first Forever Young - Wild and Free Blogazine! Thanks for reading and I hope you found it helpful and found some time to create some of the projects!

If you are interested in your own Forever Young Teen Shoot, please feel free to contact me.


Stacey xx


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