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Forever Young is a place for teens. My Forever Young photoshoots are my way of helping to build confidence at this time of your life. Here I have created a blog/magazine - "Blogazine". Every Blogazine post will feature everyday down to earth people that I have photographed and with the help of lots of talented friends I will share tips, ideas and experiences that will help you along your life journey.
Feel free to browse through the articles and take from them what you please.
I would also love any feedback, and topics you feel important to you - all emails and messages remain confidential.
Thanks and Enjoy!


Thank you to those that took the time to nominate a tween or teen for my "Mega Teen Comp" I had such an awesome line up of prizes from small businesses all over NZ. 

A big congrats to Jordyn Hay who was nominated by her mum, Jordyn was pretty happy with her prize! and I really look forward to her photoshoot next year!

Here is preview of the amazing prize pack that Jordyn won!


A Forever Young Teen Portrait session with me for Jordyn AND her friend! 

PLUS I will gift them an individual portrait each and a portrait together for each of them.

Claire Colhurst Make Up has kindly offered to do the hair and make up on Jordyn and her friend for the photoshoot!

Thank you Claire!!! Claire does and amazing job at hair and make up, so the girls are in good hands!

Art Locket NZ

Art Locker NZ gifted not one but 2 beautiful ceramic wall art - Check out Art Locker for some awesome christmas present ideas!

I was totally blown away by this gift and it was so last minute I was amazied that I managed to get it!

Thank yo so much to Flox for sending me something at such short notice!

Flox sent me a stunning piece of Art for the prize winner! You must check out her website and check out all her amazing art work!

Thank you Flox!!!

Go Native

Go Native sent me this DIY lip balm set - I have recently tried some of Go Native DIY goodies and they are simply devine! Totally recommend getting into the DIY kits for Christmas gifts this year!

Thank you Go Native!!!

Hoppipola Imagery does some amazing work... check out the before image that I took and how she re-created the photo!

Charm from Hoppipola has gifted a fantasy composite to the prize winner!

Thank you Charm 



Abby from Inkee Finkee is a master on the sewing machine!!! She has so many cool things that she makes! 

She has gifted the winner and her friend a custom designed outfit to wear for their photoshoot!

Thank you so much Abby! This is an amazing prize! 

Positive Affirmation Buntings! 

This is a little project I made - Initially with my own kids in mind, I wanted to have these hanging in their rooms... so I made a few extra sets and they have been a hit with everyone! 

I gifted 2 sets to the prize winner!

Raor Fitness and Beauty  gave the prize winner a 5 click concession card for their fitness classes! I have started going here myself and I am loving it!!! Such a good fun workout for the day!

Go check them out now and get yourself signed up!

Thanks Trish and Glenise!!! 

Karla from Enrich works with beautiful Dottera oils! She makes amazing body butters and other goodies! She gifted x 2 iTovi scans and a personilised body butter!

Go check out her page and see what goodies you can find for christmas!

Thank you so much Karla!

February we had Flynn as the cover boy! 

This month we had a few great CV writing tips and an awesome write up on Calisthenics...


Courtney is the cover girl for March!

This month I show you how to make some yummy Kumara chips! We also talk about out bodies and braids!


Sister and brother duo - Brittany and Connor for April!

Check out this months blogazine and refresh your memory how to make a peach slushy - perfect for these HOT HOT days! Also have a read about how to get your yoga on!


Georgia and Brandon featured in May for the school ball blogazine...

This month was all about the school ball! This is the one stop blog on getting ready tips! Do you have a school ball to look forward to for 2018? Check this out!


For June it was something a little different! Tamsin featured as the cover girl... Dominio's KIS one's coach tells the teams story on their journey to get to the AIMS games!


We skipped July for a mid year holiday and Korie was the cover boy for August...


Miss Katie was Septembers cover girl!

Tips on making new friends and earning some pocket money!!! Also check out what Jessie Rose is up to with her amazing art classes...


Another mini holiday and no October blogazine! So Olivia was the cover girl for November! A little bit of a layout change in here too as I find a new look for Forever Young blogazine that I like...

This month a talked to a former Miss New Zealand... a good read for all of you that want to get into modeling.


Thanks to all the wonderful tweens and teens I have had the pleasure of photographing this year! It was so lovely to meet you all and you all have inspired me along the way learning about you a little more in our little interviews! I hope that as well as having some beautiful photos of your self you have taken a lot more away from the experience!

To all the tweens and teens I am yet to photograph... I look forward to meeting you and taking your portraits... I look forward to playing a part in helping you boost your self esteem and confidence... making you feel amazing and taking the best portrait of you ever! I look forward to creating a memory like no other and giving you something that you and your family will treasure forever... I look forward to giving you something that will only become more and more valuable as time goes on... I look forward to showing you your inner beauty, your ability to shine and showing you how the world sees you...

Forever Your Teen Portraits


Thank you for reading! I hope that something in this years blogazine has helped someone along the way... 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

Be safe, be happy, take care of one another and take care of yourself, laugh multiple times every day, smile at everyone you see this Christmas... and welcome the new year in in the same manner xxx

Stacey xxx

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