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We have something a little different this month! I decided to feature this awesome netball team and a little of their story to becoming the first KIS netball team to be heading to the AIMS games this year! 

The cover features Tamsin - I asked her a few questions about the team!

[Me] Well done on your team making it this far! What have you enjoyed the most about this journey?

[Tamsin] I have enjoyed playing with my team, improving my skills and winning our games.

[Me] What netball position do you play?

[Tamsin] GK, GD, WD.

[Me] You girls have been lucky enough to have an awesome coach! What is one of the main things you have learnt from her?

[Tamsin] She has helped us so much to all become better team members and work together as one.

[Me] How has playing netball helped you personally?

[Tamsin] It has helped me be fitter and faster at running. Also having improved ball skills and agility.

[Me] Who are your role models? - Who do you look up to?

[Tamsin] The Silver Ferns

[Me] If you were not playing Netball, what sport do you think you would be doing?

[Tamsin] I already train for competitive swimming, so I would be doing more of that,

[Me] Where to from here for you and netball?

[Tamsin] To keep improving and do the best I can.




ONE team, ONE coach, Some amazing sponsors and a bunch of supportive parents

= a recipe for success! 

I caught up with Domino's KIS 1's coach to tell a little story of their journey.

In 2016, Kamo Intermediate held netball trials, and the top Year 7 team was named. I had volunteered to coach my daughter, and as she was selected for this team, I inherited a team of 11 eager athletes - most of whom were strangers to each other, but all with things in common : a love of netball, a competitive nature, a desire to succeed, a very supportive family. Friendships were quickly forged, and our talented team went from strength to strength on the netball court.

As the season developed, all these Yr 7 players expressed a desire to make the top Yr 8 team the following year, and we wanted that team to be allowed to compete at the 2017 AIMS Games (Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools) which are an annual sporting event held in Tauranga. This week long sporting extravaganza is attended by over 9000 11-13 year olds representing 22 different sporting codes. 120 netball teams from schools all around the country come together to compete. KIS had never sent a netball team to AIMS before - we wanted to be the first!

I met with the Principal to enquire about taking a Yr 8 team to AIMS the following year and was told we had to prove ourselves to be good enough to go! So, as a team, we set a goal to win our Whangarei netball section, and attend a Year 8 tournament (as a Year 7 team) - compete well, and force the school’s hand! We wrapped up the 2016 season having ticked all the boxes!

The 2017 KIS netball trials came and went, and there was a nervous wait for the teams to be named. It was wonderful to have the same 11 players who worked so hard the year prior in the top Year 7 team, to be named as the top Year 8 team, and I was fortunate enough to be able to coach these same girls again. All eyes on AIMS Games in September!!

AIMS is a fantastic opportunity, but there is huge cost involved in taking a travelling group of 12 away for a week. I wanted to keep the costs as low as possible for the players’ families, and created a range of sponsorship proposals for our team to sell.

Our most significant sponsorship was to NAME OUR TEAM FOR 2017, and we were thrilled to partner with Jayesh - owner of Domino’s Pizza Whangarei. Jayesh likes to champion youth sport in Whangarei, and is a huge believer in fun and families. We felt we would make a great partnership. Our financial road to AIMS was paved, and we became Domino’s KIS One.

Other very kind and generous local businesses* signed up as daily sponsors for the 6 days our team was to be on the road.

Our team was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to sell food and drink at the netball courts for an entire Saturday at the start of the season. By the time netball grading was over and our first round had started - all our AIMS Games money had been realised. This was due to each and every player’s family contributing by selling sponsorships, (some even buying sponsorships!), working at the netball shop, or donating items to be sold at the shop. To get our finances across the line so early was a team effort by all our amazing and hard working families - is it any wonder our players get on so well as a team unit!

Having our logistics for AIMS finalised early affords our team the luxury to be able to concentrate 100% on our game - to learn how to play together better, to get fitter, to develop team tactics, to recover from mistakes quicker, to read the game better, to understand each and every rule more clearly, to react to the referees quicker, to think ahead more, to have a deeper understanding of each team members’ strengths and weaknesses, to grow a larger desire to make personal improvements, to get hungrier!!

We are KIS netball pioneers at AIMS. We have no idea of the strength of the teams that will be in attendance. We will approach AIMS like we approach our weekly Whangarei competition : yes, we would love to win, but that is not our goal. Our goal is to play each and every game to the best of our ability. If we do the things we work on at practice well, play with positivity and in full support of each other, knowing that we are the fittest we can be because we have put in the work, then whatever will be will be. If we finish the game satisfied that we did the very best we could, we have no choice but to be happy with the outcome - win or lose. If we know we didn’t do ALL of these things - it’s back to the drawing board to make improvements.

Domino’s KIS One are f.r.i.e.n.d.s. We are friends who are humble yet confident, have a desire to constantly better ourselves, are content to be a team of equals. Our team exists in a bubble of fun and family support. We will never measure our success by wins or losses. We will be successful when we complete the season as a contented family unit, knowing we prepared to the best of our ability and have given it our all.

* Lots of love to the following businesses who have SPONSORED-A-DAY for our team to travel to AIMS : 

Treeline Trimming

Custom Garage Doors - 0800CGDOORS

Joe Foy Painters Ltd

HydraCo Ltd

Croft Poles Whangarei

Motel Sierra

Stacey Milich Photography for capturing our team for time and all eternity so beautifully!



Dear Jamie,

We are so grateful our girls get to spend another netball season with you. You are an enthusiastic, inspiring and skilled netball coach and your encouragement of the girls individually and as a team is unparalleled.

Thank you Jamie for setting goals that challenge the team, and for coaching the girls to achieve them.

YOU are Dominos' KIS Ones' secret weapon!

We cannot praise or thank you enough!

From the KIS ONE parents.





Netball New Zealand Believes there are four main elements that underpin a world class Silver Fern. 


  1. Hauora – Physical Wellbeing, Mental and Emotional wellbeing, Social wellbeing, Spiritual wellbeing
  2. Physical  - Netball and Specific Position Fitness
  3. Tactical –  The tactical requirements which influence the ability to deliver technical skills under pressure and to adjust to the opposition.
  4. Technical - Core netball and position specific skill requirements.


The performance pathway for any aspiring young netball player starts when players enter into Un15 representative teams or development programs at netball centres.  For any aspiring young player wanting to get a start on their netball pathway it is important that you work hard both on and off the court.  This includes helping at home with chores, doing your homework, respecting your whanau, teachers and friends. 

When you go to your school training are you 100% prepared? Do you have your drink bottle filled with water, do you have the right training gear, do you have recovery food for after training and most importantly do you have a GREAT ATTITUDE and are you willing to LEARN new things?     When you are out there playing on court are you doing the very best you can?  Do you respect your opposition, your team mates, your coach and the umpires?  I am always looking for these traits when selecting players into talent development squads, or rep teams.    These are important qualities and skills that if you can learn early will help you with your netball career.   It is also important that you develop a range of skills across a number of different positions, being able to play well in different positions shows your versatility as a player and our ability to learn new things and apply these in a game. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is always make sure that YOU HAVE FUN playing netball.

Here are a couple of links that are worth checking out:















Sports Nutrition 

Food, food, food, glorious food – there are always so many questions and opinions and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers when it comes to food. I am no nutritionist, or dietitian, just someone that has a passion for eating ‘healthy’.

Nutrition is only part of the living ‘healthy’ lifestyle that so many of us strive for. Exercise, lifestyle and mental health all contribute as well. In this short article, I have been asked to share my opinion of healthy eating.

The really quick answer, eat “real food”. Real food that has come from mother nature, that will provide you with minerals, vitamins and many nutrients your body needs to operate effectively.Cut out the processed foods, if you want to perform at your best and have sustained energy, the best thing to do is fill your body with great real food. Eat a well-balanced diet of good healthy fats [eggs, avocado, nuts...] moderate protein and nutrient dense carbs [veggies…]. Good healthy fats will keep you fuller for longer, protein helps with muscle repair and growth and nutrient dense carbs help sustain you for longer.

The right ‘diet’ in the media is always changing; when I was a teenager, I was in that era that fat was bad, but guess what fat was replaced with (to make the foods taste great)… sugar! So all the ‘low fat’ options I was eating, was actually just full of sugar, or it had been processed so much, to get rid of the fat. Again, in short, don’t go near the processed foods (a great rule of thumb is, if it is in a packet then don’t eat it). Keep away from them and you will be fulfilling your body’s needs, its easy as that. And good fats, are exactly that, good for you. Olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, all provide you with a great sustaining energy, and are not going to make you fat, if you stop eating when you are full that is.

Something I haven’t mentioned is the obvious, water, water is sooo good for us, and needed for our bodies to work to its full potential. Your body will lose water through sweating, breathing and digestion, so getting enough is important, especially when exercising. Remember - Water is all you need! Stay away from the Powerade and so called energy drinks, they are not needed (unless you are an elite athlete and this has been factored into your diet by your nutritionist/coach), and are full of sugar and no good for you. If your game is Saturday afternoon, having a great healthy breakfast and lunch is all that is needed, and sipping away at water throughout the morning to stay hydrated – and remember to take your full water bottle to your game and a snack for after your game is handy too.


Scrambled eggs (whisked with a dash of almond milk or cows milk), served on a bed of sautéed kale or baby spinach with a little onion and garlic (or have fresh, no need to sauté), topped with some cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with some nuts and seeds (eg, almonds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds), dressed in a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

A smoothie is such a great option, for example: 1 cup of almond milk, ½ avocado, a really large handful of baby spinach, along with chia seeds, LSA, and protein powder (optional). If you aren’t adding protein powder, adding frozen blueberries or bananas is a great way to naturally sweeten it up; with both of these options adding many great nutrients to your diet. If you can, get your daily requirements of protein from real sources [meat, nuts, veggies…], not protein powders.

A dinner full of fresh green veggies/plants is an amazing option. A large salad of baby spinach, carrot, beetroot, red capsicum, red onion, roasted kumara, tossed in a little apple cider vinegar, would do your body wonders. Try and get a variety of veggies into you, as all veggies have fantastic properties to them, helping your body and mind create a strong and healthy you. If you want to add meat to your meal as well, say a steak of red meat, or a couple of legs of chicken, then that is a great option too. If you are limiting your meat, then legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, dahl) is a great alternative here also. The earlier you eat dinner the better, as the longer your body has without food during the night, the longer it has time to restore and replenish its organs, particularly the liver.

Something worth mentioning, is you don’t have to have set meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, what I mean by that is, what is typically seen as dinner, can actually be quite normal, satisfying, and really good for you, to have a breakfast. Having leftovers for breakfast is a great way to start your day with veggies; each meal that you are eating, including snacks (if you snack), before you start, think where are my veggies, try and fit veggies into every meal, as these will keep you full, provide nutrients, and stop cravings.

How we eat is habitual, so change your habits, it will become the new ‘normal’ for you, your palette may be use to sugar rich foods, so to start off with ‘real food’ may not taste so great, but give it time, your palette will change, and you will be able to taste how amazing veggies actually taste in their natural form.

All the best of your sports journey, I hope this article is beneficial to you, if you wish to discuss anything I have mentioned feel free to hunt me down on social media through my blog “At a Pinch”, or email me at “”. Thanks, Nicci xx



A perfect little snack loaded with good fats, natural sugars and a little bit of dark chocolate.


You will need:

4 squares of good quality dark chocolate.

1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 cup of raw almonds

1 1/2 cup of pitted dates

1/2 cup of shedded coconut

1/4 teaspoon of himalayan salt



This is what you do:

In a small pot, melt the chocolate and coconut oil on a low heat. Stir to avoid burning, once melted , remove from the heat and add the vanilla essence.

In a food processor place the remaining ingredients and pulse until mixed well together.

Pour the melted mix into the processor and mix until well combined.

Line a dish with baking paper and press mix firmly into the dish.

Place in the freezer to set till its hard!

After it has set - remove and cut into bars!





Enjoy and try not to eat it all at once!

Stacey x


Fit cards are a fun way to create home workouts to keep you motivated! 

A few years ago I designed these cards to keep fit at home with a few fun games! The exercises include functional movements and body weight exercises to keep you moving and fit. 

Here is a sample game with some cards - which is included in the sets. Grab some friends and give it a go!


Make sure you warm up first.


Mark out a 3 - 5 m distance with cones.

Place the shooting star and the bear crawl card at the first cone and the push up card at the second cone.

Here is how the game goes:

At the first cone do 1 shooting star, then bear crawl to the next cone and complete 10 push ups. Bear crawl back to the first cone and complete 2 shooting starts, bear crawl to the second cone and complete 9 push ups.... and so on. So the shooting star you do 1 UP and the push ups you do 10 Down. 

Carry on until you complete the round.

Once you are finished make sure you cool down and stretch.


Fit cards are great for at home use and for sports coaches.

I have a set to give away to one lucky person. If you would like to be in the draw all you need to do is leave me a comment on this blog post.

If you would like to grab your own set Contact me 


Thank you once again for joining me here! I hope you have enjoyed reading about this amazing team and their journey! 

To wrap up this Blogazine I would like to wish KIS ONE all the best for the rest of their Netball season and go and smash it at the AIMS games this year! - Please leave a comment in the comments section wishing them all the best and I will be sure to pass them all onto the team.

If you are a teenager and you would like to feature on my blog please pop me a message!

If you are someone who has something to offer on the blog that may be helpful to this age group please pop me a message too!

Also remember to leave me a comment if you want to win yourself a set of fit cards!!!

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Stacey x

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